The next level in Bluetooth Speakers


We are proud to offer some of the greatest audio systems available, specifically tested and carefully selected from the best worldwide; each delivers exemplary clear and precisely reproduced sound quality, coupled with beautifully crafted design.

We seek out manufacturers who achieve outstanding aesthetic styling and innovative technology; whether you are listening to vinyl, streaming or another preferred format, our components create systems that envelop and connect you with every tone, every note, every message and emotion the artist intended. 

It’s all about your environment, your lifestyle and your music preferences, so we can guide you through the best listening system that suits you across look, feel, quality, sound and price.

In short we will help you choose your perfect, world class and visually stunning audio showpiece that completes your home and lifestyle.

People call Audio Note’s founder Mr. Hiroyasu Kondo “the Audio Silversmith”.
Being the first person to use silver wires in audio designs, Mr. Kondo was given names of “The Audio Silversmith” and “The Master of Best Audio” for his position in the audio industry.

To get “the highest sound quality”, Mr. Kondo did comprehensive researches from the input position of audio signal up to the sound output, without a bit of compromise.

The charm of silver wires was brought up by his hands.

The sound of silver is warm yet vivid; it can fully express the vitality of music.

With bold but prudent idea to get the highest sound quality through using silver, an expensive metal which had never been used in audio design before, the sound character of Audio Note then was created. Audio Note silver wire is a product of audio passion with careful attentions on material handlings. And the products that applied Audio Note silver wire deliver sound qualities that reached and beyond the highest worldwide standard.

The products of Audio Note are made for and bond with audiophile’s heart. They seamlessly blend audio into music, with the ability of playback music with the best audio performances.

 For over 25 years Avalon’s world renowned designs have set the ultimate reference standard for audio reproduction. Avalon Acoustics’ ongoing research continues to redefine the state of the art in high-resolution 3 dimensional soundstaging. Each of Avalon’s Musical Masterpieces is a work of art in itself, entirely handcrafted in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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