Bristol Hi-Fi Show News

Quadraspire played the Kane gang on a modest turntable and amp with the ubiquitous Kudos speakers. Four small disc containing bamboo and a variety of alloys got my feet tapping when they were placed beneath the turntable. These cost £800 for four and really improved the listening experience.

The best Audio systems are relaxing to listen to and can be enjoyed for hours. Mid range and vocals are pin sharp and holistic with nuances and fine detail portrayed when present. Bass is accurate and drums sound as they should in real life. Not overblown and boomy, just controlled and natural.

We have three ranges of audio systems to hear.

TV and Audio is AudioPro from Sweden costing £350 to £600

The Second system used Thivan valve amplifiers from Vietnam. These are a comparative HiFi steal at £10k and they sound amazing with the Lumin Streamer and music library (20k worth of music supplied) Avalon Idea speakers at £11.5k and a T&D record player with built in phonostage.

The HiFi room has Maxonic speakers with CSPort turntable and D’Agostino amps and Transparent cables.

This is our ultimate system and the best HiFi I have heard anywhere.

These systems have to be heard to be fully appreciated.

No obligation and we install new equipment and give a good part exchange deal on your existing components.

Stephen Reay

Blues Audio Ltd

Avid Audio