Just arrived to the UK, the Phi Ton record clamp is an active product that reduces unharmonic distortion at the turntable source.

Music sounds cleaner and richer as a result and surface noise is reduced to a minimum.

Price is £699 and is a worthy upgrade to improve your listening experience.

Full money back guarantee for 30 days applies to all of Phi Ton products, for a no risk buying opportunity.

The new Phi Ton Resonator Record Clamp

Newport 2016: Maxonic Field-Coil transducers get fed electrons from Concert Fidelity

July 24, 2016Rafe ArnottNewport Beach 20162


The Zen quality of the Concert Fidelity room was not lost on me.


You ever get the feeling you’ve stumbled into the wrong room, or taken a wrong turn, and ended up somewhere unintended? You find yourself peering around slowly, skeptically, taking things in as you attempt to get your bearings, and figure out just where the hell you are. The Concert Fidelity room at the Hotel Irvine was like that for me. It was late on Saturday afternoon, there was about 10 minutes left until things were scheduled to wind down for the day, and I was sort of limping/staggering around the main floor in an area I hadn’t ventured into yet after hitting about a dozen rooms on the upper floors (Pro tip: I usually start on the top floor, and walk down successive flights at big audio shows to avoid the nervous-laughing masses shoehorned into the elevators) when I randomly opened a door, and walked straight into what I would call a secret audio nirvana.


Restored Denon DP-62L with My Sonic Labs Ultra Eminent Bc ($6,395 USD) phono cartridge. Two soft-spoken Japanese men sat waaaaay over at the back of the large room, and gave me a friendly bow as I looked over at them, and blinked several times. I was desperately trying to get my eyes to focus on the gear that was making such sweet sounding music. The tone of Miles Davis’ trumpet was absolutely astonishing me, with incredible sustained pitch stability on long horn blasts, and every nuance of his embouchure articulated in startling detail. Transients, and dynamics on the blat were bleeding on their edges they were so sharp.


Field-coil transducers provide window into ’60s tone, with crossover/freq at 1600 Hz.The Maxonic TW7000B field-coil loudspeakers (25Hz – 20 kHz, $40,000 USD) feature a very Altec 604 8G-inspired vibe to them, and their sound was reminiscent of other Altec’s I’ve heard over the years: fantastic golden-era tone, supreme mid-range harmonics, and as I mentioned already – ballsy dynamics, and blinding speed. At 104 dB efficiency, the two-way coaxial design’s 15-inch woofer does not need much power to get them moving a lot of air.


Possible grandparent to the 7000B… or maybe just inspiration.


DHT goodness. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.I was overly focused on the gorgeous 9 watts/Ch Directly Heated Triode 300B-equipped Concert Fidelity CF-i300B Integrated Amplifier ($10,000 USD). It was juicing the Maxonics with plenty of grunt, and no lack of headroom as I kept urging my accommodating hosts to wind the volume knob well past noon on the dial. The louder the system got, the better it sounded, and I could tell the boys were having difficulty deciding whether they were digging the bearded white dude who wanted the jazz at concert level, or getting nervous about possible brain damage from the SPLs. The racks were choked with beautiful, simple kit from the company, including their Reference Series CF-080LSX2 tube-hybrid pre-amplifier, the  DAC-040 BD (battery powered!) tube-hybrid DAC, and the JFET (Class A push-pull configuration) Moving Coil phonostage SPA-4C.


Valve-rectified power supply courtesy of a 5AR4/GZ34.From the Concert Fidelity website:

The CF-i300B is an all-tube integrated amplifier featuring a pair of the 300B output tube driven by a pair of 6SJ7/6SJ7GT/5693. Rectification is handled by a 5AR4/GZ34. The directly heated triode amp outputs 9 watts/8ohm per channel. The circuit topology is extremely simple and signal paths are short.
The CF-i300B has four sets of single-ended inputs and one of them can be switched
to balanced (XLR). Users can select the speaker output impedance between 4 ohm and 8 ohm. As a bonus, it has a solid-state headphone amp which can drive either pair of a single-ended or balanced headphones.

Horn detail
Ultra Eminent BC... only 0.6 Ohm internal impedance
CF-080LSX2 Reference linestage

Exquisite attention to detail in construction. 

I liked this room so much, I went back Sunday too, and just hung out for a while, and had a coffee. I also recommended it several times to people asking me “what rooms should I check out?” A great vibe, with great gear, and friendly hosts. Two thumbs up.

–Rafe Arnott

We are delighted to announce we are now stocking TW Acustic from Germany.

TW Acustic are a well established brand with a range of turntables ranging in price from £7995 for the GT2 to £29’950 for the Raven Black Night. they also make a tone arm and valve phono stage (£13’950)

We have the TW Acustic Raven Anniversary turntable on demonstration.

Why add an infrared remote

After launching Leedh Processing for all LUMIN models, we were inundated with requests for a physical volume control from customers who were removing the preamplifier from their systems.

The result of our development is an Infrared Control Package compatible will all LUMIN models regardless of whether Leedh Processing is being used or not.

Precise tactile volume control and more…

  • Exceptional quality remote and IR sensor
  • Compatible with all LUMIN models*
  • No need to use the App for volume up / volume down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat or standby
  • Roon compatible
  • Particularly useful in systems without a preamplifier

* A spare rear panel USB port is required


An alternative type of remote control for all LUMIN models

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY                                                  TACTILE BUTTONS                                           ROON COMPATIBLE                                        MADE IN AUSTRIA

After launching Leedh Processing, Lumin received many requests for a physical volume control from customers who were removing the preamplifier from their systems.

Lumin have delivered an exceptional quality remote and IR sensor which is compatible with all LUMIN models via USB socket

Now there is need to use the App for volume up / volume down / mute / play / pause / next / previous / shuffle / repeat or standby

The Remote is Roon compatible and particularly useful in systems without a preamplifier


LUMIN Infrared Remote Control

USB Infrared Receiver

2x CR2032 batteries

Instruction leaflet

FINISH:                                 Piano black acrylic with silver zinc frame

REMOTE DIMENSIONS: 230mm (L), 33mm (W), 10mm (D)

CABLE LENGH:                   IR receiver cable length: Approx. 900mm

COMPATIBILITY:               LUMIN X1 / S1 / T2 / A1 / T1 / D2 / D1 / U1 / U1 MINI / M1 (One spare USB port required)

UK MSRP:                            £195 inc. VAT

Available:                            December 2020

Nothing on TV? Watch a DVD with HiFi quality sound using the T+A K2Blu Blue Ray DVD and CD player with FM and AM Radio for complete entertainment. This unit will power five speakers (4ohm) with it’s 150w amplifier.

Price £4’755

Combined with our AudioPro T60 speakers, the sound was amazing and added to the realism of the film.

Arriving soon is a second generation the CS Port audio turntable, the TAT2.

This model incorporates the same fundamental design ideas of the LFT1 top of the range model in a one piece design. Price is £25’000 including the air pump. The linear tracking arm AFU1-2 is priced at £11’500

A conventional tone arm can be added in conjunction if required.


Turn Table Unit floating in the air


Finally TAT2 appears with high stable and very quiet performance as the second line. By surely inheriting the flagship DNA, TAT2 creates rotation with much less fluctuation by the compact design and integrated unit. The granite base weight is 19kgs, The stainless platter is 17kgs and the stabilizer is 2kgs. In order to eliminate servo noise into the audio band, TAT2 is equipped with the open control motor. Also TAT2 is able to keep away from any kind of vibration and noise. It certainly can follows only the groove on vinyl.

Super heavyweight turntable

In order to suppress micro vibration from the floor,19 kgs granite turntable base is equipped.Also 17kgs stainless platter is lifted by air bearing and rotates very stably and quietly. The platter is only loaded by a few hundred grams in the lateral direction by the yarn belt to support the rotation.


Non-servo motor drive

Noise of servo control motor may come into the audio band. TAT2 does not function with the rotation control. The open control motor just supports the high moment of inertia of the platter to eliminate micro vibration. In addition, the yarn drive does not transmit the vibration of the motor. This yarn Kevlar (four-net aramid fiber) that is has much less elongation and is harder to break than iron to drive the platter reliably.


2-arm installation available

The base plate specified for the customer’s arm is attached normally. Also it is available to mount the linear tracking arm AFU1-2 (sold separately). In addition, it is possible to mount the second arm and as expandability, up to 3 different arms can be installed. (Sold separately from ordering the second arm base)

Highly Silent air pump with double hermetic structure (sold separately)

The air pump(POU1) is equipped with the motor system for long-term stable function that is used in medical. POU1 supplies the compressed air without vibration and to lift up the heavy platter. It has a double hermetic structure that prevents vibration noise from leaking and keeps highly silent in your music room.
Model TAT2

Base ……….. JIS0 grade granite table base

Platter ……. High inertia stainless steel platter

Base … 19kg

Platter ……. 17kg
Drive system Crystal-follow No feedback motor drive XFD method
Rotation transmission method Yarn drive (four-fiber aramid)
Drive motor DC coreless low noise motor
Rotation speed 33 1/3 ・ 45rpm
Speed accuracy ±0.3%
Wow and flutter

Wow 0.2% , Flutter 0.04% less
Power supply AC100 / 120 / 200 / 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 40W
Size 440W x 128H x 320D

AC power cable, 2 drive yarns, air tube Φ4,

One arm attachment (processed according to the arm specified by the customer)
Sold separately

Player board LPB2

Air pump POU1 (DC cable included)

Linear tracking arm AFU1-2 (air tube Φ4 included)
Warranty period 5 years (excluding consumables) registration is required

An optional air pump POU1 is required for use.
The specifications, design, design and price may be changed without notice.
Due to the use of granite, stone patterns and colors may vary depending on the production lot.