Blues Audio are the sole UK distributor for “phiTon resonaTors” made in Switzerland.

Three metal resonators (£600 each) is all that is needed to transform your listening experience and end wall sound reflections. Alternative room treatments involve large panels attached to walls and ceilings. The best option is £1’800 we charge for our standard solution of three resonators and this includes a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee and postage. We also include a complimentary room analysis, worked out by Corrado himself. Correct speaker placement makes a significant improvement to musical presentation.

The resonators were created by Audio engineer Corrado Faccioni a gentleman of worldwide repute who in the UK works with Ronny Scott in his Soho jazz club as well as his worldwide commitments. Pictured below is Corfac to the left with Lionel Loueke and his modified guitar. Lionel plays with Herbie Hancock.

More information can be found here Sound waves are either harmonic sine waves or unharmonic which cause distortion. Unharmonic mechanical or electrical effects is a distortion that degrades audio performance. The phiTon resonaTors reduce these negative effects to a minimum , and reveal a new clarity to music.

Wayne Shorter, Grammy 2019 Jazz award winner uses a modified type of Phi Iron resonator in his Saxophone (£600) and we supply guitar and violin resonators that breathe new life into musical instruments. Chick Corea jazz pianist is also a fan.

For audio use, we recommend a minimum of three resonators, one on each speaker and the other resonator can be placed in front or behind the listerors chair. These resonators can also be positioned on top of any audio equipment for optimum effect.