The music room

The music room is designated for our ultimate, no expense spared, master sound. With a retail price of over £200k. Vinyl or streamed music can be enjoyed to the limit.

Maxonic T150 field coil speakers from Japan 35kg brass drivers with built in horn and super tweeter, and open baffle (open at the back) The Maxonics use electromagnets fed direct current by the two exciter boxes pictured on the floor to the inside of each speaker. Only Maxonic and two German manufacturers (Voxativ from Berlin and Wolf Von longan) use field coil technology today. Field coil speakers were invented in the 1920’s and have recently had a resurgence in high end audio. Field coil speakers are more expensive to produce, Maxonics can be heard here at Blues Audio in Cornwall, Brook Audio in Yorkshire, Winters Audio in Norfolk and Select Audio in Cumbria.

Conventional speakers are less expensive to make and are in essence a similar design with closed damped box with woofers and tweeter driven by a less powerful permanent magnet. Field could speakers give an energised sound, uncanny nuances, powerful bass and superb vocals.

The CSPort LFT turntable from Japan is from a newly formed Japanese company north of Tokyo. The 22kg stainless steel platter is rotated by a silent air pump and four strand kevlar belt. A linear track arm is used for ultimate performance and again uses air suspension. The CSPort IEM 1 antistatic device demagnetises and removes static from records as they are played.

The new Kondo Overture 2 Integrated amp and CSPort phono stage wit Artesenia rack, Niagra 7000 power conditioner and Transparent Reference XL speaker cables finalise the system.

phi Ton resonators are used for room correction and granite slabs made locally give foundation to the speakers.