I recently fitted four of the Critical Mass Systems Centre Stage2 anti vibration feet under our Kondo Oveture amplifier.

Initially the system sounded better, then as expected from the CM video, the performance dropped off for around a week of evening listening, before once again rising in sound quality by significantly improving the dynamics and grip of the music played.

The Centre Stage feet come in three sizes 20mm x 38mm for £235 each , 25mm x 38mm for £425 and 38mm x 51mm for £675 per foot.

These feet can be placed under the original supports of any hifi equipment to reduce and harmonise vibrations of HiFi separates.your HiFi separates.

S SYSTEMS Center Stage2Center Stage

Center Stage2, a breakthrough anti-vibration product support system that is the culmination of 17 years of experience in the rack designing business. No matter how good your system is, Center Stage2 will add a new dimension to your listening experience that you will find highly beneficial. 

Once heard, the overwhelming feedback from listeners is that they do not wish to remove the sonic benefits they have gained using the product. Center Stage2 can make any system sound better top to bottom and the better the system, the better the results. 

Center Stage2 is exclusivley sold at these dealers.

Critical Mass Systems also offers an OEM version of this footer. Please contact us for more information. 

Why a New Footer?

There were several objectives behind the development of Center Stage2:

How Does Center Stage2 Work?

Gain, relative permittivity and the efficiency of electrical devices can be expressed as dimensionless numbers. For a moment, think of electricity as dimensionless energy moving through 3 dimensional pathways; printed circuit boards, resistors, capacitors, inductors, power supplies, wire, transformers, etc. When vibration is introduced into the atmosphere at the front baffle of the loudspeakers, vibration becomes a 3-dimensional form of energy that can only dissipate by permeating into 3-dimensional objects causing an unnaturally high state of mechanical excitation to occur within them; the objects vibrate. They will continue to vibrate when music is playing and eventually establish a relatively constant state of unnaturally high equilibrium that is well known to degrade the performance of audio components.

It might be more appropriate to view Center Stage2 as a catalyst in a complex energy reaction that occurs between your equipment and its environment. While this amount of kinetic and vibration energy is relatively small, the sonic consequences can be very large if these energies are unregulated and undamped. Center Stage2 is a catalyst designed to change the prevailing state of equilibrium in that energy reaction and to permanently hold it in a reduced or damped state. Center Stage2 is different and better because it uses novel applications in material science to achieve its isolation and damping benefits. Your components will now immerse you in a sonic environment that has been described as a unified acoustic field. That’s why we think our product is aptly named when we describe the listener experience as being “Center Stage”.