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Paris, Texas

Nothing on TV? Watch a DVD with HiFi quality sound using the T+A K2Blu Blue Ray DVD and CD player with FM and AM Radio for complete entertainment. This unit will power five speakers (4ohm) with it’s 150w amplifier. Price £4’755 Combined with our AudioPro T60 speakers, the sound was amazing and added to the […]

Kondo Overture review

We have recently replaced the Dan D’Agostino MLife solid state amplifier with the Kondo Overture valve which is half the price of the MLife and a noticeable improvement in sound quality has ensued. Maxonic speakers work well with low power valve amps. Music can be played at a low volume yet the detail and music […]

Room correction

Blues Audio are the sole UK distributor for “phiTon resonaTors” made in Switzerland. Three metal resonators (£500 each) is all that is needed to transform your listening experience and end wall sound reflections. Alternative room treatments involve large panels attached to walls and ceilings. Our option is £1’500 we charge for our standard solution and […]

Lounge Room

T+A turntable, Lumin X1 streamer with L1 music library. Thivan valve amps from Vietnam and Avalon Idea speakers. Every component rest on Cornish made granite blocks and tables.

TV Speakers

Enhance the sound of your TV with AudioPro speakers. Competing with Bose and Sonus, these Swedish designed speakers are well made and offer HiFi sound with a patent bass response. The speakers have a built in Class D amp and can stream music as well as adding sound value to TV. A sub woofer can […]

The music room

The music room is designated for our ultimate, no expense spared, master sound. With a retail price of over £200k. Vinyl or streamed music can be enjoyed to the limit. Maxonic T150 field coil speakers from Japan 35kg brass drivers with built in horn and super tweeter, and open baffle (open at the back) The […]