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PhiTon Resonator record Clamp

Just arrived to the UK, the Phi Ton record clamp is an active product that reduces unharmonic distortion at the turntable source. Music sounds cleaner and richer as a result and surface noise is reduced to a minimum. Price is £699 and is a worthy upgrade to improve your listening experience. Full money back guarantee […]

Maxonic Field coil speaker review Newport 2016

Newport 2016: Maxonic Field-Coil transducers get fed electrons from Concert Fidelity July 24, 2016Rafe ArnottNewport Beach 20162 The Zen quality of the Concert Fidelity room was not lost on me. You ever get the feeling you’ve stumbled into the wrong room, or taken a wrong turn, and ended up somewhere unintended? You find yourself peering […]

TW Acustic

We are delighted to announce we are now stocking TW Acustic from Germany. TW Acustic are a well established brand with a range of turntables ranging in price from £7995 for the GT2 to £29’950 for the Raven Black Night. they also make a tone arm and valve phono stage (£13’950) We have the TW […]

Lumin IR Control package

Why add an infrared remote After launching Leedh Processing for all LUMIN models, we were inundated with requests for a physical volume control from customers who were removing the preamplifier from their systems. The result of our development is an Infrared Control Package compatible will all LUMIN models regardless of whether Leedh Processing is being used or […]

Lumin Remote Control

NEW FROM LUMIN –  INFRARED CONTROL PACKAGE An alternative type of remote control for all LUMIN models EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY                                                  TACTILE BUTTONS                                           ROON COMPATIBLE                                        MADE IN AUSTRIA After launching Leedh Processing, Lumin received many requests for a physical volume control from customers who were removing the preamplifier from their systems. […]

Paris, Texas

Nothing on TV? Watch a DVD with HiFi quality sound using the T+A K2Blu Blue Ray DVD and CD player with FM and AM Radio for complete entertainment. This unit will power five speakers (4ohm) with it’s 150w amplifier. Price £4’755 Combined with our AudioPro T60 speakers, the sound was amazing and added to the […]


TAT2 New Turntable from CS Port Audio

Arriving soon is a second generation the CS Port audio turntable, the TAT2. This model incorporates the same fundamental design ideas of the LFT1 top of the range model in a one piece design. Price is £25’000 including the air pump. The linear tracking arm AFU1-2 is priced at £11’500 A conventional tone arm can […]


Kondo Kagura Mono Amplifier review

REVIEWS Kondo Kagura Mono Amplifiers 16JUN Original review posted on  Stereo Times Audio Note Kondo has a rich history in building state-of-the-art tube amplifiers that spans over three decades. Established in 1976, Hiroyasu Kondo is the founder of the Audio Note-Kondo. Driven by Kondo san’s passion for music propel him to experiment and create the best […]