CSPort make two turntables, we stock the flagship LFT1 model with the three peice base that is hewn out of granite, and the 27kg platter is forged from stainless steel. Air suspension is provided from a medical grade pump that runs silent.

The tolerance between the platter and base is so precise that a cigarette paper will not fit between the two with the pump switched off. The pump also suspends the linear tracking arm that gives 100% playing consistency unlike a conventional tone arm.

The platter speed is calibrated by an easy to operate strobe light and a unique fine four strand kevlar belt keeps the suspended platter rotating at the desired speed. An optional extra is the IMe1 anti static device that demagnetises records and reduces static caused by removing the record from the sleeve and the stylus diamond and vinyl interaction when an LP is played. More information is gleaned from the record in this way.

The CS Port phono stage is also available for demonstration, a rechargeable battery powers the unit to remove mains electric interference.


Ultimate TV sound

This stereo pair will supply you with a full-bodied TV sound that surpasses the one of soundbars, due to its stereo effect. And it will not only give you an open and spacious sound stage for your TV-sound, it will also deliver the music for your party as well as your everyday listening. Each speaker contains a 75w Class D amplifier.

These new design speakers come in white or black, price £700 with a 15% discount for £595! . Play TV or your own music for a party with hifi quality sound.

This offer applies to any Audio Pro product.