The Quest for the best Loudspeaker

The search is over after many miles trawling up and down the country.

The ideal speaker was located in Cumbria, right under my nose!

I phoned Steve from Select Audio who is based in Flimby, some 25 miles away from me.

Steve is a very knowledgable audio HiFi nut and a dealer of over 30 years experience selling high end if somewhat obscure brands. Steve first and foremost loves a wide range of music, and listens to a variety of genres through his exotic system every day.

He has an Alladins cave of HiFi in his modest house and regular business phone calls and TNT shipments. He is a success!

On the off chance I phoned him before my long trip to the Bristol HiFi show and Steve accommodated me to listen to a few of my favourite LP’s and a Metallica CD.

I had heard “the only speaker I will listen to”  before, but time plays tricks and I do recall the magical detail in them, but the soundstage seemed small in the tiny room of his previous abode.

This time in a bigger room, everything clicked, Moving Hearts sounded fabulous and the bass was spot on and well articulated to sound as natural as possible.

Within a minute I was convinced and soon an hour or so disappeared by listening to a variety of music through the beautifully finished in varnished wood, if not retro looking Maxonic T1300 speakers.

Maxonic speakers are unique in design and a radical departure from the conventional “box” used by all designs save electrostatics.

They are “field driven”, basically a direct electric current is fed to the 35kg bass drivers that incorporate a horn aperture and the super tweeter which is again made of brass.

You get a lot for your money with Maxonic and a compelling  sound that cannot be described adequately with words. Vocals are silky smooth and music is laid bare and natural sounding.

My search was over before it began, but I returned home and set off to Bristol and a 6 hour drive.

The next day I visited the show and went round all the rooms I could find.

Without being cruel, the Bristol show is for mid range audio and nothing compared to the Flimby experience by a long long way.

The best sound in my opinion was from Carey Audio who used a new streamer and built in amp with some PMC bookshelf speakers.

For a small room this would be an amazing system, but unfortunately these would not suit my needs.

















The next day I travelled down to Cornwall to see the new house again and do some final checks. The demo room is an L shape, but I will decide what is best when we move in May.

Then I travelled onto London via Stonehenge and spent two nights in Wimbledon in a modest but cosy hotel and came face top face with a tame fox. I nearly fell over!

I had arranged to hear some Avalon Compas speakers at AV studio in Chobham. Dominic from AV was very hospitable and opened the iron gates leading to a large house with a good sized demo room.


These are distributed by Kog Audio, I met Mark the co-owner of Kog at the Bristol show and did some deals to increase the offerings Blues Audio could provide.

The Avalon’s are beautifully made and look and sound very impressive. They did the bass tricks on the Moving Hearts LP “The Storm” not quite  the overall experience with the Maxonics but not far behind.

So my final decision for speakers was a pair of  Maxonic T150’s which are the latest model from this small Japanese company and a pair of Avalon Idea’s the basic model from the range which I will use principally with the TV.

Only hearing for yourself can be trusted.

So realistically from June 2018 Blues Audio will be in deepest Cornwall with a fantastic opportunity for you to hear beautiful music.

See our Facebook page for more details.

Maxonic website

Avalon website and video

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