North West Audio Show Crannage Hall Cheshire 2018

Blues Audio will be demonstrating Audio Pro Speakers at the annual  North West Audio Show on Saturday and Sunday 23-24 June 2018. Doors will be open on the Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm.

We will be located in the lower basement “Young Room” The demonstration will be every half hour on the hour to enable a wide range of testing music to be played without interruption.

I have been to many HiFi shows and classical music is played ad nauseam which often doesn’t test a system at all. So I will be playing a “Radio 2” variety of tracks from female vocal, blues, rock and pop and classical to suit most tastes and allow listeners to hear some “real world” music and not just HiFi tracks with good recording that would sound pleasing on any system.

Audio Pro is a Swedish company founded in 1978 by chief designer Karl Eric Stahl who focused on bass reproduction from small sub woofers.

Deep, accurate  and dynamic bass is the key to a good speaker any not many speakers have this quality. Good mid range and treble are found on cheap to expensive speakers, but natural sounding bass is the most difficult thing to reproduce and gives a sound that captivates the listener for hours.

The main focus of the demonstration will be the Audio Pro T20 loud speakers which are primarily designed for TV usage but are also astounding for digital music.

The Audio Pro T20 (£600) is great for TV, it is an active speaker with a 60w class D amplifier in each speaker, 3/4′ textile tweeter and two 4.5’woofers.

We pair it with the Add-on C-Sub  (£400) a 9″square wireless sub woofer with a 200w class D amplifier built in and a 6.5′ woofer and two passive 7.5′ radiators.

The speakers are made of MDF and painted five times, black or white finishes are available on these two models.

Alos on view will be the Add-on T14 wireless speakers (£350) which are a compact 220 x 150 x 195 mm for music or TV use and the portable Add-on T3 (special offer £175 ( in a variety of colours) wireless rechargeable battery operated speaker with a 30 hour batter life at 50% volume and 11 hours at 100%. You can use this amazing speaker anywhere via a smart phone.

All AudioPro speakers  can play digital music from Spotify, Tidal etc and You- Tube.

These speaker have won five star reviews from What HiFi magazine and are worth a listen.


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