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The North West Audio show at the DeVere Hotel Cranage was well attended and every room was filled with exhibitors giving a wide range of systems to listen to (the only way to make an informed choice)

Blues Audio  had  a small room in the basement with far from ideal acoustics but still a good challenge. A system sounding good in this room will only improve in a home environment.

A variety of tracks were played all weekend and customers choice catered for if possible, not just well recorded “HiFi” tracks that would sound good on a transistor radio. The AudioPro speakers have been made in Sweden for 40 years and have many patented  and unique features including ACE bass response.

Many people were amazed by the sound quality from such small and easy to use speakers, the bass is the hardest thing to get right and the speakers were effortless in reproducing even complex pieces of music such as the “Outlander” theme music which has female vocal and bagpipes and drums rising to a wonderful climax.

Back home I connected the small T-14 speakers optically to the sky box and C-Addon subwoofer and the sound was amazing in our  bigger room with soft furnishings. The optical lead input is much better option than the RCA option for TV sound quality. Music from a phone from sources such at Tidal, Spotify, or  You Tube via blue tooth is a welcome option if required.

AudioPro speakers can be used with any digital source eg CD players, radio can be played via sources such as BBC iPlayer all to a wonderful level of performance.

We match any price online for AudioPro (typically 10% reduction) free delivery in 2-3 days and we are a telephone call away if needed.

T-20 £600 now £540 T-14 £350 now £315 C-sub Add-on £400 now £360 etc. A complete system of T-14 the smaller TV speaker (the white one on the table in the picture above) with the Add-on sub is £315 plus £234 = £549

or the larger T-20 (black one either side of the table above picture) is £540 plus C-sub Add-on £360 = £900  These two systems bring a TV to life by providing award winning sound and they also can be used as a stand alone music system to great effect.

Pound for pound these gems put many much more expensive systems to shame as well as debunking established  HiFi myths. Basic speaker wire is used with standard electrical plugs and no spikes on the speakers which are easy to place and room friendly..  The remote is beautifully made from billet aluminium and very stylish in keeping  with the AudioPro design.

Play nice in every room!

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  1. I visited the Northwest Audio Show on Sunday June 24th with an old school pal Steve. He sent me a little show review of which this is part…..
    “Next, a novelty. In the Blues Audio room, a small pair of AudioPro Addon T14 active speakers were sitting on a table, sounding quite good, if not exceptional. As hi-fi speakers that is. Then I realised they were wireless computer-desk / TV / bookshelf monitors, which is the novelty. As such, they were very very good. They will surely exceed the quality of what you feed them, unless you already have a Chord Mojo.”

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