Don’t buy anymore CD’s or pay for downloaded music!

Music streaming is a means of accessing a world of music with Hi Fidelity sound quality directly to your HiFi.
All you need is streamed music and if you want the best – vinyl!

Streamed music can be played directly to your HiFi and can be controlled by a mobile phone.
Various streaming sites are available such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora,Tidal and numerous others.
So which one do you choose?

Spotify originates from Scandinavia and has a free subscription offer or a premium higher resolution option without the annoying advert breaks of the free version.
Spotify can be played through your computer speakers or via a laptop into a pre amp.

Dan D’Agostino is a luxury brand of amplification and hence offers a more user friendly, versatile approach.
Tidal is Dan’s preferred option. and can be accessed using the supplied iPod or via a download of the Dan D’Agostino app to your phone,

To play Tidal we use a Melco NAS drive which can store vast amounts of music on the 4TB hard drive and also stream music wirelessly to the D’Agostino MLife amplifier together with meta data of the album cover and tracks. Tidal costs £19.99 per month (£16.99 for the first 6 months) and has a great website with videos of artists and new releases to peruse.

So if to keep the wife happy, I select her favourite music such as The Divine Comedy or Depeche Mode, and tracks can be played by album or playlist.
The kids can be kept quiet listening to nursery rhymes, whereas when time permits. I can play schoolday favourite bands like Budgie and Camel from the 70’s and everyone is happy with high quality unlimited music source.

If you like one album by an artist, you can access other albums by the same artist or play a mixture of tracks, it’s so versatile!

I have been trying to purchase the new Rolling Stones album “Blue and Lonesome” for over a week.
LP sales now outstrip downloads which is great to see and even better to listen to!
I tried HMV in two Cumbrian stores and a friend tried 5 stores around Manchester with no joy.
On the off chance I popped in to a new record store called “FUTUREISVINYL” a Vinyl Cafe in Abbey Street Carlisle Tel 01228 322813 run by James who unbelievably had his last copy tucked behind the counter – BOOM!
James started up in July this year and has the largest selection of new and used LP’s in Cumbria as well as a nice brew in the retro cafe.

Anyway I digress, previous to my good fortune my Rolling Stones angst was absolved by Tidal’s ability to stream the album through the ether to my system the day the album was released! You can hear an album first on Tidal before deciding whether to buy the LP
Amazing. I thought I never need leave the house again until I cued up the vinyl version of Blue and Lonesome LP with it’s wicked blue cover and trademark Stones mouth,. Using the TechDas Airforce 3 turntable and Dan D’Agostino phonostage the quality of vinyl sound cannot be beaten, and trips to Carlisle to James’ shop cannot stop. The future is vinyl indeed, but streamed music is getting better and more user friendly all of the time.

Now Dan D’Agostino will be using Roon Audio on the back of Tidal in 2017 – see the news article on Roon below.
A record player and streamed music is a powerful combination.

It’s all about the music!