Munich High End show 2017

Blues Audio attended the Munich High End show this year with Stephen Reay pictured left meeting Dan D’Agostiono a surprise visitor with his wife Petra and Bill McKiegan President also in attendance.

Dan was introducing the new Progression series pre and power amplifier – a gorgeous addition to the range of D’Agostino products and at an advantageous price bracket compared to the Momentum series.




The Progression stereo amp was set up in vivid red or piano black, both were striking pieces of art.

In the background  the photo is a customer’s home theatre  star up comprising of no less than 21 Momentum power amps!

Dan’s momentum amp featured in the DCS room with a pair of Wilson Alexx speakers. The Gotye track ‘Somebody that I used to know” is a testing piece to play, but the DCS system played this with aplomb and poise.

So a commanding presence at the show yet again. Dan’s products are the best looking amplifiers we saw as well as sounding sublime!

Well worth attending, Stephen also met the president of Stella Inc  Hideaki Nishikawa who’s company  manufacture Tec Das turntables used by Blues Audio. Hideaki did a demonstration by tapping a record with the cartridge touching the vinyl – an alarming thud ensued. However when the vacuum was applied and the record tapped, no sound could be heard. This demonstrated the superiority of Tec Das turntables over traditional designs.

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