Maxonic T150 Speakers

Blues Audio are pleased to announce the arrival of the Maxonic T150 speaker. Maxonic speakers have a unique design and use a field coil excitation unit that energises the massive 35kg brass driver and super tweeter  to literally electrify the musical performance.

These speakers are hand crafted by a small team in Tokyo and are a reincarnation of a design first used in the 1930’s. The current company SRC started making high end Audio speakers of this design in 1970 but suffered a major setback when the director and founder Mr Kobayashi died in  plane crash in 1983. Nearly ten years passed until SRC was resurrected by the new team of dedicated designers and craftsmen due to the continued enthusiasm and demand for these remarkable HiFi speakers from discerning customers. SRC uses the traditions of the original idea and careful choice of materials and production. These beautiful Maxonic’s are no ordinary box speaker design and have to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Our demo T150’s feature an open rear baffle design in a gorgeous black wood finish to complete the retro look.

They weigh 110 kg each and are highly sensitive at 106db meaning they can be powered by low power 8 watt valve amps  all the way to 150w solid state depending on preference.

We are running these speakers in at present and the system will be available to hear week commencing 23/7/18 with the Dan D’agostino M Life integrated amp with streamer.

Also on display will be  the Tec Das 3 turntable  and Melco Nas drive for digital audio and we will be using Transparent Reference XL cables.  The Maxonic’s will be used with the TV also, providing an everyday solution to ultra audio visual enjoyment.

This is our top system and the best sound we can let you hear first hand.

Please phone 0800 160 1709 for an appointment.


” Open-at-the-Rear Enclosure “
Descriptions Coaxcial 2-way Field Excitation Driver
〔DS703〕+ Field Excitation Tweeter〔T501〕
Max input 150W
Rated input 30W
Frequency response 25Hz~25,000Hz
Sensitivity 106dB
Impedance 8ΩΩ
Crossover Frequency 1,000Hz/7,000Hz (DN330)
Dimensions 600W x 1125H x 480D mm
Weight 110kg


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