CSPort LFT1 Turntable

Just arrived is the CSPort LFT1 turntable made in Japan in Toyama City,

CSPort is a new HiFi company established in 2014 but using established principles of non feedback of audio signal and power source.

As well as this turntable they make a lovely valve power amp, phono stage and in September  a new pre amp will be launched to complete the range.

The LFT1 turntable is beautifully formed using a solid 40kg granite block as a base and a stainless steel platter weighing 27kg  with air suspension and a linear tracking arm in a three-piece design. The power supply, turntable and tone arm board all sit on a granite table giving an imposing highlight to any high end system.

The platter is rotated using a very fine three strand Kevlar belt and speed is adjusted with a strobe. A separate vacuum supply is silent and controls the air suspension of the platter and tone arm operation.

The platter is concave on the top and the tolerances are so fine that a cigarette paper cannot be pushed between platter and base.

Linear tone arms are the most accurate method of tracking the grooves in a record and a superior method when compared to a convention arm. When record are cut, a tangential cutting tool is used. Linear tonearms are short and thus have lower effective horizontal mass. there are no skating issues and less chance of any tracking error. The air bearing used in the LFT1 is the best method, the friction between the arm and the tube on which is mounted is practically zero. The only force moving the tonearm is the gentle force of the stylus.

It is imperative to have a clean record for this turntable, any dust or debris in the record will cause the stylus to jump or stick. We use the KL Audio record cleaner to thoroughly clean any record used to allow maximum fidelity in musical reproduction.

CS Port website link is below.


LFT1 Catalogue


All CSPort products come with a five year warranty and full dealer support.




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