Audio Pro Wireless Speakers

New to Blues Audio are the Audio Pro range of wireless speakers from Scandinavia.

For those audiophiles who want award winning wireless speakers with the option of stereo these speakers are worth an audition.

Audio Pro also has the ability to stream HiFi quality music from the likes of You Tube and Spotify. Tidal will be available soon and the system is compatible with Amazon Alexia and Apple music.

We have the T20 floor standers with the C Subwoofer to maximise TV sound as well as the ability to stream music from phones.  We also have the T14 speakers in white for the new TV room.

These wireless offerings are fed by “The Link” which feeds the wireless signal throughout the room.

We also have the portable T3 to demo, this can play music via Blue Tooth from your phone.

AudioPro products are compact in size – the subwoofer  is a mere 9″ diameter so Audio Pro products are easy to situate and work without any untidy cables.

Wireless requires a good internet connection, we use BT Infinity. Setup proved to be a little complicated, “The Link” is Audio Pro’s wireless booster and should be installed first.

Support from Audio Pro is very good, and my emails were answered quickly by them to guide me from the process. Once learnt everything functions perfectly – the C range use blue tooth whilst the more expensive T series are Wifi enabled.

“The link” makes the Audio Pro app function correctly, then it is a matter of pairing the desired speaker to blue tooth.

The final result is truly remarkable, the little T3 portable speaker has been admired whilst playing in my pharmacy using You Tube videos or Spotify radio.

The T20’s with the C Sub does the job on the infamous Moving Hearts track “The Lark” with the drums bouncing from one speaker to another and producing a much more satisfying sound than the previous exotic Italian incumbents which cost over 50 times more! Vocals and midrange are realistic and easy to listen to whilst the all important bass is solid and well defined with different instruments sounding as they should.

The white T14’s were the last to be installed and the hardest to hook up to the WiFi. However this was well worth the effort. Samantha James “Rain” the acoustic version is playing now in the dining room to beautiful effect with the C Sub attached. Eventually this will be used in the living room in Cornwall with a new TV and is a better combination than any sound bar I have heard.

HiFi myths of exotic cables have been debunked,  basic thin core wires join the class D amplified active speaker to the passive one.

The AudioPro speakers are beautifully made and a simple Scandinavian design with award winning sound that will enthral the new owner for many years. Fantastic looks and value for money, musical as well as TV enjoyment are guaranteed!




Special offers

Special offers on selected products during March 2108..


Portable wireless speaker

200 £ 175 £

Portable wireless speaker

200 £ 175 £

Portable wireless speaker

200 £ 175 £


Please call for a demonstration or view the Audio Pro website by clicking below.

Sound of Scandinavia

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